LarryB's Starter relay add-on kit


As your vehicle ages the ignition switch contacts, wiring, engine control computer, or fuse-box can cause low amperage to be delivered to the starter solenoid when you turn the key to start. The solenoid doesn't get enough power to engage the starter properly. This can result in clicking and not cranking, or the starter not engaging the flywheel completely before it starts spinning. By adding a relay you use current directly from the battery to engage the starter, only using the ignition switch to control the relay. It's very simple and effective.It does more than stop the Clicking. It gives your starter the current it's been needing by taking the old worn out factory connections out of the loop!!! If you get in and turn the Key, and you find your favorite ride has the dreaded Click Syndrome. Then this is the fix it needs, Don't delay. Waiting can, and will cause damage to your Starter. Enclosed with the kit are Detailed, Easy to Follow Instructions. I went completely through the starter on my Suzuki Samurai and it didn't help. Then I replaced the starter with a new one, still didn't work all the time. OUCH!!! Sometimes I had to click it 10 times before it would start. I then installed this relay kit and it hasn't missed a beat yet. Starts every time.

Install Instructions HERE

Also can be used as Crane Cams - 8-3000 - Start Boost Relay