Coil Controller for 3 wire Shutoff Solenoid SA-4624-12, SA-4822-12 LarryB's


Coil Controllers are externally attached to the solenoid to prevent overheating of the pull coil. They have an internal timer that turns off the pull coil to prevend overheating.

Dual coil solenoids are constructed of two wound coils. The pull coil operates at high currents in order to provide maximum pull or push force. The hold coil retains the plunger in place after it has completed its stroke. After energizing, the pull coil must be turned off as soon as possible to prevent burnout. The protection modules energize the solenoid pull coil for approximately 1.0 second and time out within approximately 1.5 seconds.

Three round pin connector matches our round pin solenoids.

SA-4624-12 12 Vdc 70A

SA-4822-12 12 Vdc 90A