LarryB's Tork Tek CGP020 Injection pump gear puller for Bosch VE, P7100, VP-44, CP3


Injection pump gear puller for the Bosch VE, P7100, VP-44 and CP3. Yes, it will work with all four pumps!

This Cummins gear remover is made of pre-hard material instead of cheap cold rolled steel. Sure that costs more. but you get a quality tool that will last a lifetime. Also the tool is double plated so it doesn't rust! Try that with a black oxide tool. If you don't keep a coating of oil on ta black Oxide tool it is going to rust. This plated tool doesn't rust. Included in the CGP020 Cummins injection pump gear remover kit are instructions and two hardened and plated flange head bolts (more costly too).You will not find a better engineered gear puller on the market today.