LarryB's Gauge Snubber / Drilled 12mm Banjo Bolt Combo


Most gauges will be destroyed without a way to dampen the violent pressure spikes of the Cummins 12V lift pump. The DBB-S which has a 12MM x 1.5 thread, eliminates the needle bounce, and saves your gauge.

Inside the snubber, and impossible to photograph, is a micro calibrated restricktor orifice. The restrictor dampens the pressure spikes from the lift pump, so your fuel pressure gauge will last! The hole size is a precise balance between gauge response and dampening effect. The restrictor tolerance is .0006. (6 ten thousands of an inch)

On the top of the DBB-S banjo/snubber is an 1/8" NPT female pipe thread for fuel pressure testing or permanent gauge installations. The LarryB's DBB-S will install directly on your outlet of your fuel filter canister. By installing the snubber here you will get the most accurate pressure readings.

Includes 1pc LarryB's banjo/snubber and 2pc rubberized metal sealing washers