LarryB's New 22800-8420 Denso Super Starter for 94-03 Ford PowerStroke


SIZE DOES MATTER!!!! When it comes to starting your Ford Powerstroke Diesel you need all the power you can get. LarryB’s now offers a Genuine Denso replacement SUPER starter that’s up to the task. This hefty monster replaces the little stock starter so your truck will finally start like it should. High torque 5.36hp Denso starter replaces the stock Ford Powerstroke Visteon & Mitsubishi starters. Now You can have the very best & strongest high-torque starter for your Ford Powerstroke. This is a brand new DENSO starter. Not a rebuild/reman or a cheap Chinese copy. If you think you have found a better price somewhere else please be sure it is a Genuine NEW Denso starter. This Heavy Duty New Genuine Denso unit will replace the Mitsubishi 17578 and the Visteon 6669 starters for the 1994-on Ford E and F series trucks. Despite the fact that the Mitsubishi starter has 3 mounting holes, while the Denso and the Visteon have only 2, the units can be interchanged. Also when replacing the Visteon with this Denso starter the two "tabs" on the vehicles battery cable end may need be snipped off in order for the cable to fit tightly on the Denso's battery stud and insulator. This starter fits 94-03 model years, however we have found some rare instances where there is a clearance problem when replacing the tiny Visteon starters.

Denso# 22800-8420 LarryB's# SS1500