LarryB's SA-4026-12 for Ford SUPER Fuel shutdown Solenoid Round Pin 2-1/2" 12Volt


The ULTIMATE Cummins Fuel Solenoid. New! ONLY from LarryB's. Super Large magnet "STRONG PULL" fuel solenoid. Cummins Heavy Duty applications of the 6B 12-valve engine usually use a larger and stronger 3" spacing solenoid and this larger stronger solenoid seems to last forever, trouble free. We tested the smaller 2-1/2" solenoid against the Heavy Duty 3" industrial solenoid and discovered some interesting information. The larger solenoid weighs about 1lb more, pulls 30% stronger, and runs 50% cooler than the smaller solenoid. Unfortunately the larger truck solenoid uses a larger 3" bolt spacing and a heim joint on the rod end so it won't fit the 2-1/2" bracket without some changes. We then worked with our manufacturer to build the BIGGER electromagnet coils into a solenoid that will fit right onto the stock 2-1/2" bracket and it PULLS STRONGER AND LASTS LONGER

3 round pins in the plug, does not fit Dodge. For Dodge use FS25 HERE

How To Measure Your Solenoid