2-1/2 Fuel shutdown shut off solenoid Fix Kit with instructions for Dodge SA-4981-12


This kit will fix your fuel solenoid problems, and save you hundreds!!! There are three things that can cause fuel solenoid malfunction on the 94-98.5 Dodge Cummins 12 Valve engine. #1 A burned out solenoid, #2 a bad relay, or #3 a burned/corroded fusible link. All will cause your truck to crank but not start. This kit fixes all three. Installation and adjustment instructions are included. This is a brand new OEM fuel solenoid, Part # SA-4981-12, Mopar# 5016244AA, Cummins# 3931570 This is a perfect fit, direct replacement for the stock part on your 94-98.5 12-valve Cummins with P7100 pump with 2-1/2" mounting bolt spacing, center to center. This solenoid does not include extra mounting brackets.

We also highly recommend installing a Solenoid-Saver Diode to protect the solenoid from overheating if the starter sticks on. This is a common cause of solenoid failure on the Dodge 12 valve with the P-pump.

All Instructions included

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How To Measure Your Solenoid