LarryB’s New 428000-3330, 428000-6110 DENSO Starter For Dodge Cummins 2007-2014


This is a New DENSO OEM replacement starter for Dodge/Cummins 2007 and newer with 5.9/6.7L. We no longer supply aftermarket copy starters because of unreliable quality from the manufacturers. We now only carry genuine NEW NIPPON DENSO starters. The exact same starter that came with your truck . For the person who wants to make absolutely sure it's done right. Don't install a cheap starter! You get what you pay for.

If your 2007 and newer starter is clicking and then cranking normally it may be a weak signal from the ECM to the starter. It seems the 12v coming from the ECM gets weak over time and won't fully activate the starter solenoid. We have had good results adding in an additional relay to give the starter the amperage it needs to fully engage

Crossover part numbers: CHRYSLER 4934925, 68002981AA, CUMMINS 4934925, DENSO 428000-3330, 428000-6110.

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