LarryB's 3919422 Round Pin Fuel Shutoff Solenoid 2-1/2”,12V for 5.9 8.3L Cummins


2-1/2" bolt spacing, 3 round pins, square joint rod end, 12 Volt. Heavy duty solenoid for Ford, Freightliner, Motor homes, Farm Equipment. Heavy duty solenoid for Truck and Industrial applications. This is a brand new fuel shutoff solenoid for Cummins C & B, 5.9L & 8.3L engines with Bosch P7100 pump. This is the solenoid used on many Ford, Freightliner, motor home and marine applications. These solenoids are used on most of the 5.9 & 8.3 Cummins with the Bosch P7100 injection pump. This very popular engine is used in many applications throughout the world. There are primarily three variations to look for when locating a replacement solenoid for your engine. (1) Mounting bolt spacing. The two bolts that hold the solenoid to the bracket, they either have 2.5" or 3" center to center spacing. (2) Electrical plug type. You probably need the 3 round pin connector unless you are replacing a solenoid in Dodge Ram pickup in which case you need the 3 FLAT pin connector.(3) Rod end type. Usually 3" spacing goes with the heim joint rod end bearing shown in the picture above but I have seen the drilled square join used here also.(4) Voltage. Select the correct voltage for your system. Part#FS20-RP,SA-4026-12,1752 ES, 3919422

Now includes a new mounting bracket, lever and hardware.

12 Volt DC

How To Measure Your Solenoid

How To Measure Your Solenoid