RP2307B, P610B1V12, 12 VDC Push/Pull Solenoid


100% New Premium Quality
LarryB's Push/Pull Solenoid

Trombetta P610B1V12

3 Terminals
Intermittent Duty Cycle

This 2307B Push/Pull DC Solenoid provides single unit versatility for engine applications, such as shutdown. This 12 volt model gives a full one inch (25 mm) stroke at 11 pounds (49N) and holds up to 23 pounds (102N) at full voltage, continuous duty. The unit will operate at any stroke less than maximum, such as 1/2 or 3/4 stroke.Solenoids only actuate in one direction. This one has 1" stroke. It has the capability to connect to either end of the plunger. One end will push the rod, the other end will pull. Like putting the engine in the middle of a train of rail cars.

The RP2307B measures 5" in length with the plunger seated (coil energized), 2-7/16" in height and 2-1/2" across the base. It ships complete with return spring and rubber seal boot.

1 Year LarryB's Warranty.

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