LarryB's Battery Wire & Cable Connector Crimper


The LarryB's Cable Crimper is perfect for crimping nearly any type of connector in almost any gauge. Ideal for personal home and service station use! Repair your battery cable ends and use withMilitary Truck Battery Terminals for the best battery cable repair available. I wish we could find discontinued OEM battery cables but we can't. repairing your cable ends is the next best thing. When cranking your Dodge Cummins the Denso Starter draws approx 800 amps. This Puts a huge burden on all the cable connections. I have found that the cheap autoparts store clamp-on battery cable ends are unacceptable. The best way to fix damaged cable ends is to use our crimp and solder ring connectors on the cable and then use our military style bolt on terminal clamps. The positive side terminal is larger diameter than the negetive side so be sure to get the correct side clamps. I recommend crimping AND soldering for the best trouble free connection.

LarryB's Crimper Features

  • Inexpensive, easy to use crimping tool

  • Use with hammer, vise or press

  • Crimps 8 thru 4/0 gauge connectors

  • Spring loaded pin lock in "up" position for loading connector and cable. When released pin holds connector securely during crimping.