LarryB’s 94-98.5, 12 Valve, Tank-to-Engine Marine Grade Fuel Line Kit fits Dodge Cummins


This kit replaces all the fuel line segments between the tank and the engine fuel heater or lift pump (heater elimination), both feed and return, both steel and flex. The 5/16" Marine Grade return line connects at the tank on one end using your existing stock Doorman quick connector and on the injection pump end using the included banjo fitting. This eliminates all the multiple segmented connections in the stock setup. The feed line uses 3/8" Marine Grade feed line to connect at the tank using your existing stock Doorman quick connector and at the fuel heater on the other end using the included barb fitting. Also included is a fitting to connect the feed line directly to the lift pump inlet if you want to bypass the troublesome fuel heater. This eliminates the problematic multiple connections in the system and replaces ALL the fuel lines except the short steel line running from the lift pump to the fuel filter and from the fuel filter to the injection pump. Includes enough hose to do all body configurations including ext cab long bed. Barrier A1 Marine Fuel Hose. Exceeds ABYC H-24 & H-33,SAEJ1527, ISO 7840 & USCG Type A1. For both gasoline, petrol and diesel (including alcohol & Bio blends).

    • Includes:

    • 16' of 5/16" Marine Grade Bio Ready Fuel Hose

    • 14' of 3/8" Marine Grade Bio Ready Fuel Hose

    • 6' of protective nylon weave cover for return line from OFV to frame

    • 1pc Banjo fitting for overflow valve on injection pump return

    • 2pc banjo seal washers

    • 1pc hose barb elbow for inlet to fuel heater

    • 1pc hose barb elbow for optional inlet to lift pump. (heater bypass)

    • 4 stainless hose clamps