LarryB's 3991167, SA-4941-12, J932529 Fuel Shutdown Solenoid, Side Mount, 12 V


This is a brand new fuel shutoff solenoid. This is the solenoid used on industrial and marine applications. This solenoid has the round pin connectors, Flat flange side mount, and uses a heim joint for the rod end on a extension rod. This solenoid is 12 Volt.

Cummins 3991167, 3930658

Woodward SA4941-12

Case J932529

J932529, J930658, J991167, 87420952, 87435487

One New Aftermarket Replacement Case - IH Fuel Shutoff Solenoid that fits models:1150H (Dozer), 1840 & 1845C (Skid Steer), 550G (Dozer), 570LXT, 580 Super L (Loader), 580L (Loader Series 2), 584E (Lift Truck), 585E (Lift Truck), 585G (Lift Truck), 586E (Lift Truck), 588G, 590 Super L (Backhoe), 590 Super M (Backhoe), 650G (Crawler), 660, 686G, 75XT (Skid Steer), 85XT (Skid Steer), 860, 90XT (Skid Steer), 95XT (Skid Steer), MX100 (w/ 5.9L Engine), MX110 (w/ 5.9L Engine), MX120 (w/ Cummins 5.9L Engine), MX135 (w/ Cummins 5.9L Engine), MX150, MX170.