LarryB's EASY Starter rebuild kit 89-93 for Dodge Denso


Super Size Starter solenoid contacts in this kit have approximately 90% more contact area than stock. Designed to carry twice the voltage load for easier starting and last years longer. Our Super Contacts Fit perfectly and are for replacement of sticking and clicking stock starter contacts. Is your starter clicking a few times and won't crank? Or worse yet, sticking on? It's very likely worn solenoid contacts. These trucks use a very well built gear reduction starter. Your starter contains two contacts that are usually the only parts in these starters that cause any problems. Usually only one contact gets badly burned but we recommend replacing both contacts and the plunger while you're in there. Printed INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS are also included with all contacts. More info? CLICK here!!!! Here is an exploded view of the solenoid and parts.Replacement brushes. Denso starters use a very good, long lasting brush material. It is common for these brushes to last 200,000 miles without a problem, although sometimes in trucks used off road, water intrusion can cause early wear. Common symptoms are slow cranking but check your batteries and cables first. Brushes should be replaced when there is less than 2mm clearance between pigtail and brush holder, in other words if the brush can only move 2mm more toward the commutator when wearing.

This kit is for 1989-1993 Dodge Cummins Ram Trucks only.