LarryB's Feed Line/Fuel Heater/Filter Eliminator Kit For Dodge Cummins 12 Valve


This kit allows you to bypass the two most likely sources of fuel system air leaks in your Dodge Cummins 12-Valve. The fuel heater/screen assembly and the flex line that runs from the frame to the heater. This kit includes a 3/8" hose barb elbow to replace the stock 1/2" barb, 36" of hose, two hose clamps, easy studs, 2 gaskets and a pump spacer to replace the heater assembly and bracket. Everything you need remove the problematic fuel heater/screen assembly and go directly from the steel fuel tank supply line on the frame to the inlet of the lift pump. This also replaces the flex line that normally runs between the frame and the engine.

Bypass heater kit Install

  1. Remove lift pump from engine.

  2. Discard fuel heater/screen assy, bracket, & ½” rubber elbow hose connecting heater unit to lift pump.

  3. Install fitting with hose barb into pump inlet.

  4. Re-install lift pump using new gaskets, spacer & studs.

  5. Connect the steel supply line at the frame to the new inlet hose barb using the marine grade fuel hose and clamps.

  6. LarryB's also offers a Return Line Replacement Kit.