LarryB's Fuel Shutdown Solenoid, Woodward# SA-2606-A


Part Number:SA-2606-A

Voltage:12 Volt

Solenoid Shutdown, with internal switch off for pull coil.

Rated Voltage 12VDC
Pull Current 46A
Hold Current 1.1A

Rod thread mm6x1

The internally switched solenoid utilizes a mechanical double contact switch that
is mounted on the rear of the solenoid to turn off the pull coil. Internally switched
solenoids are best suited for applications such as standby generator sets or other
applications where vibration, dirt, moisture, and excessive cycling are not

This solenoid also has an "Auxilliary" terminal for powering an indicator light or relay.This terminal provides 12v out when the solenoid is fully engaged.

Wiring Diagram Here