LarryB's NEW 228000-2292 OEM DENSO starter, fits 94-02 Dodge Cummins


We no longer supply aftermarket starters because of unreliable quality from the manufacturers. We ONLY carry Genuine, NEW NIPPON DENSO starters. The same starter that came with your truck except better! Denso now makes these starters with the super contacts. These starters are long lasting, reliable and durable. Don't install a cheap starter! If you choose not to purchase a new Starter or want to repair your old one for a backup, You can rebuild these starters. We have the kits with the Super Contacts to rebuild these starters. Part# 8250 and 8250EX Do not throw this starter away!

Crossover Part#4741012, 4746639, 5016522AA, 3604684NW, 3604684RX, 3921682, 228000-2290, 228000-2291, 228000-2292, 228080-2292


VOLTAGE: 12 Volt

KW: 2.7


13- Tooth Pinion