LarryB's Pos+ Battery Cable Repair End, Crimp and/or Solder, 2/0 AWG x 3/8".


Use to repair 2/0 battery cables. Tinned copper cable lugs are perfect for wiring 2/0 Gauge (2/0 AWG) wire, 2/0 AWH runs about .400" in diameter without insulation. This end works perfectly for replacing the battery cable clamps on your Dodge Cummins. Just cut off the old end, strip back the insulation and crimp/solder on this end. Then they are ready to bolt to our Military Battery Clamps.

  • Designed to fit 2/0 Gauge (2/0 AWG) solid or stranded wire

  • Copper cable lugs are tinned for corrosion protection. Excellent for any outdoor installation and marine environment.

  • Pure copper cable lug has excellent conductivity characteristics

  • Wire can be crimped or soldered to copper lug. We recommend both.

  • Built to UL specifications with ASTM-B-152 copper

  • Includes Heavy Duty Shrink Tube with Adhesive, red

  • 2/0 cable has a core diameter of .356"