LarryB's Replacement Alternator to Battery Cable for Dodge Cummins 03-07


This 18" long 4 ga. cable with fusible link replaces the charging cable on your stock alternator 2003-2007 5.9L Cummins/Dodge. We use tinned copper lug ends, dont settle for bare copper because corrosion will be a problem. 

*This cable is designed to be a direct replacement for the *STOCK Alternator* 

**If you are replacing a burnt fusible link, you NEED to first test that your alternator is working correctly, BEFORE installing a new fusible link cable!**

Our top quality 4 ga. cable has 133 strands, over twice the amount of strands that you see in the typical replacement cable.

The advantage is you dramatically increase the density of the cable while increasing the flexibility. This provides the current capacity, flexibility and quality of welding cable with the oil resistance of automotive battery cable. LarryB’s cable's have a smooth polyethylene jacket over a barrier liner to protect against cracking, abrasion, weather, oil, and acids. Our battery cables of course meet the UL-558 and UL-553 flame resistant standards for automotive use.