Dodge Diesel Fuel Shutdown Shut off Solenoid 2-1/2" bolt spacing,# SA-4981-12


This is the part that gets destroyed if your starter sticks on. If your solenoid burned up you should replace the starter contacts or install a Larry'B's Solenoid-Saver Diode before you replace the solenoid. If the plunger stays up with the key on but won't pull up when you crank the starter the problem is usually a combination of three things. The solenoid, relay and fusible link. We recommend replacing the relay whenever you replace the solenoid. This is the exact heavy duty upgrade replacement part made by the OEM for years 94-98.5, 12valve.. No silly wiring adapter needed. About a 15 min job to remove and replace. Compare this price to the dealer, you'll be surprised. Exact same part. No wiring adapter needed! This is the correct part! Your truck probably has 2-1/2" bolt spacing, but some solenoids are 3" bolt spacing center-to-center. Measure your solenoid first. We do not included brackets because if you get the correct solenoid you don't need them and the brackets are a real pain to replace. If you do want the brackets they are available separately from LarryB's. We also strongly recommend installing a Solenoid-Saver Diode so you won't have to replace this part again. Also check your adjustment >> (adjustment procedure)


    • Replaces these solenoid numbers:
    • OEM#: SA-4981-12
    • Mopar#; 5016244AA
    • Cummins: 4089577, 3931570, 3800723,
    • LarryB's# Fs20