LarryB's MONDO 4/0 Positive 60" Battery Cable fits 94-02 Dodge Cummins, w/Military style clamp


LarryB's MONDO 4/0 size Cummins/Dodge 94-02 Positive Battery-to-starter Cable. This cable position is the only cable on your truck that carries the total amperage of both batteries while cranking. This means lower resistance under load due to the larger cable. This also means better cranking and longer starter life.

Top quality LEAD Military Clamp included

Lug ends are crimped and soldered. Don't settle for un-soldered cables.This 60" long 4/0 cable with clamp is used to connect the drivers side battery to the starter. You will also need the fusebox connector wire #BCFB14 to connect the battery to the fuse box.

LarryB's Battery Cable has a top quality welding cable inner core of 1,330 strands wound in 30 sub bundles. Regular battery cable is only 133 strands in 20 sub bundles. Using 10x the number but smaller strands in the same space increases dramatically the density of the copper cable while being more flexible. This provides the current capacity, flexibility and quality of welding cable with the oil resistance of automotive battery cable. LarryB’s cable's have a smooth polyethylene jacket over a barrier liner to protect against cracking, abrasion, weather, oil, and acids. Our battery cables of course meet the UL-558 and UL-553 flame resistant standards for automotive use.